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Maximum Capacity of PVC

  Minimum bending radius
None of the cables specified in to standards should be bent during installation to a radius 
smaller than that given below. So wherever possible, larger installation radii should be used.

Type of cable  



Number of cores 

Single core


300/500V and
600/1000V cable




  Where D: diameter of cable

Side wall pressure to cable
Permissible maximum side wall pressure to the cable at bending point during installation is 500kg/m.

Side wall          Pulling tension     (kgf)
Pressure     =    __________________
to cable           Bending g radius   (m)

Permissible maximum pulling tension (T)

Conductor               ( Tension kgf )

Copper                    7 x ( No. of cores ) x (cross-sectional area of conductor)

Drum handing

Handle the drums with care! It is always recommended and a must with heavy drums - to lift drums with a fork-lift truck or a crane when removing them from the vehicle. Always take care to lower t drums into an upright position on their flanges.

Internationally practiced LSZH cables installation methods :

  1. Avoid the cables, while installing from extra friction. Try to lay the cables with good workmanship methods. void the cables from rough edged surface, sharp corners so to stay within minimum bending radius.

  2. For better assistance, you can use a little lubrication on the cable surface.

  3. Avoid pulling / unwinding cables, while laying, with heavy machining.